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We are a Custom Steel Fabricating shop certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau to W47.1 Division 2

Our capabilities include making steel products through the whole process from initial design and engineering to the final finished product. We have experience in structural steel fabrication and steel tank manufacturing.

We have access to a very wide variety of machinery used for steel fabrication including Mig Welders,  Steel Bandsaw cutting, CNC Plasma/ Laser/ Waterjet cutting, Shears, Press brakes, Tube Laser cutting, CNC Machining, Beam and Angle Processing lines, and Steel Sheet/Plate Rolling machines.

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We specialize in Tank Manufacturing.

  1. ULC S601 Listed Generator subbase fuel tanks certified to Canadian and USA standards.
  2. ULC S602 Listed Obround shaped tanks for the storage of Home heating oil, Generator fuel and Lubricating oils. These are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. We would also consider building custom tank projects with your ideas and can offer services from design to final finished product.

Riverside Fuel Tanks are listed and certified to the relevant Canadian and US Standards.

We Offer

Mig welding, and structural welding using CWB approved welding procedures. Saw cutting to length of HSS, Tube, Pipe, Bars, Channels, Angles and Beams. CNC Plasma, Laser, Waterjet Cutting and Press Brake forming. Tube laser cutting, CNC Machining, Beam and Angle processing.

We Build

Obround style tanks and Diesel generator subbase tanks. We also would build other types of steel tanks if required.
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